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 3639 Harbor blvd ,suite 206 ventura ca, 93001


1.  How soon can I get in for a massage?

answer: You can get in right away! please call (805) 901-7706 and leave a message stating the your name, time and date you like to come in and let the therapist know if you like your confirmation via text or phone call. 

2.  Does massage therapist work on couples?

answer:  Yes! but one person at a time, the other person is more than welcome to wait in the same room. Your more than welcome to bring magazine or book to read while your waiting.  

3.   When getting a massage do I have to remove all my clothes?   ​

answer:  No you don't. Undress to your comfort level. Leave anything you want on. 

4.  If am late will you take the time off my massage? 

answer: No he won't !  He will always leave plenty of time in between clients to arrive as safely and calm as possible. 

5.   Does massage therapist have a routine massage? 

answer:No he doesn't . Point out which muscle is hurting and your massage therapist will immediately start working on the problem. Also if there's any areas you would like your therapist  to avoid just let him know. 

6.   Does my massage therapist do medical massage?

answer: Yes he does!  

7.  If I have a prefer lotion or cream that I like to used for massage can I bring it?

answer: Yes! your massage therapist already uses nothing but the best oils and massage cream to do his work but your more than welcome to bring anything you prefer.

8.   Does my massage therapist works on weekends? 

answer: yes he does, he works 7 days a week, but please call to make your appointment. Thank You. 

9.    Is massage therapist available the same day? 

answer: yes he is, but please call at least 2 hours to make your appointment. 

10.   How often should I get a massage?

 answer: It's up to you, but I always advice people to  get a massage at least once every two months.  Athlete people tend to get them at least every other week because they put their body through hard work before events. People that  work in offices sometimes tend to hold back till their neck or back is severely in pain which is not good.  Getting massages regularly will keep your muscles and body working for you at it's best when you need it most.  Don't wait too long before getting a massage.

11.   Any other questions please don't hesitate to call and ask or leave a detail message with your name, phone number and the question you have! 


 Therapist  Message 

      As your future massage therapist I take pride in my work and customer service. I really enjoy working with people. Taking the time with all my clients to make sure there are comfortable in every way possible 


      My Goal as your therapist to take care of any injuries that are preventing you from working, exercising  or doing the things you love to do on a daily basis.  Also I schedule all my clients with plenty of time between appointments on a daily basis that way if a client is running late he or she does not have to worry about their massage time being shorten.  There's no need to stress out more than you have to. 


     Be good to  your body and your body will be good to you!