I look forward to building a strong and professional relationship with each person that I meet. As a long - term client, I'll learn what kind of maintenance your body will need each time you come for body work .This is important because your body will require different modalities of massage and assessments every time you come back for a massage.

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 3639 Harbor blvd ,suite 206 ventura ca, 93001

I have a passion for what I do which makes my job more like a hobby!

 I Love What I Do



 (Fred)           Fred has a natural talent for massage. He is gifted with healing hands and wants to share his gift with the world. As a professional massage therapist for more than 17 years along with a background in Physical Therapy as a P.T. aid for more than three years, he brings a unique style of medical massage to his clients. He understands and cares about each client who visits him.            
As a certify Reiki practitioner, he will help you balance your chakras and energy field by leaving your body feeling restored and refresh.          
  As an athlete himself he understands injuries and how critical it is to take care of them right away before they turn into something more serious. So if you are an athlete getting ready for any type of  event, come and see Fred for a pre-event tune up to achieved the highest muscle performance.

After the event make an appointment to get rid off lactic acid, muscle soreness and prevent any future injuries.

I'm passionate about delivering the most excellent sports therapy massage experience. You'll be experiencing a professional for 17+ years, who has been trained and skilled to deliver and improve lasting wellness and health to your body. I consider myself humble and fortunate to be given the chance to treat and help recover your injuries.You can rely on my  professional knowledge as a massage therapist to do the best I can for you and your body!